Tuesday, January 01, 2008, 11:35 AM

Happy New Year: An Explanation For My Absence

As some readers may (or not) have noticed, I was not able to post as often in 2007 as I did in 2006. I have two excuses.

First, I was working on a very complicated and interesting antitrust/IP case which went to trial in the Spring/Summer of 2007. Although the case is not over, you can read about it here. It involved the intersection of antitrust and intellectual property, the scope of the patent misuse doctrine, the first-sale doctrine, the definition of a relevant market in an aftermarket context, and many other interesting issues.

My second excuse is just as complicated and interesting -- but much cuter. Now that she is in full-time daycare and sleeping through the night, I should have more time to post.


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